7 Things Billionaires Think Differently.

This week we will be talking about JOBS which is our Series 4.

Have you or anyone else you know ever had this feeling that if you could get a better job, you would get rich?

As humans, it is normal that we think that if we could just get a better job, we would be rich. What is funny is that if Dangote lost his money, I guarantee that finding a great job would not be his priority. Dangote would be looking for an INVESTMENT.

Do you know that the rich believe that money should work for them but the poor believes that they should work for money?

Some many people have thoughts like “Oh, if I just had a better job. If I could just get that promotion, I would be rich.”

What they forget when these thoughts are going through their minds is that they would make more money but they won’t be rich.

I know people who makes six figures salaries who, if they sold everything they have, their Net-worth would be under a few millions if not thousands. Yes, they might have a big house, big car, all the perks of life. Yet they are not WEALTHY. I have seen it happen so many times when a person making N84M a year loses the job & loses everything.

Are you wondering why that is? Well it is because they were not making money to invest, they earn and spend it all. The wealthy saw their jobs as a TOOL to get money to INVEST.

Unless we change our thinking, It will not matter how much money we make. We will never become wealthy.

We have to begin to see our money as seed to be sown. What happens when you eat your seed? You have nothing to sow or harvest.

Looking for economy freedom? Your salary can’t give you that but investing and that is investing in Real Estate.

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