What do we believe?

“There can be no happiness if the things we believe are different from the things that we do”  – Freya Stark

Having to do most of the things we do indoors, we have to believe that all is going to be well and back to normal real soon. And just like the quote above says, we cant be truly happy except we believe and we act according to what we have believed.

It seems hard to see beyond what is happening around us now; the increasing number of infected cases, escalated number of deaths, foodstuffs and household materials seem to reduce faster than you use them. It is obviously very hard to believe that all is going to go back to normal soon.

What other choices do we have, if not to hope and believe?

Keep that positive mindset and act like you believe. Let your mind and your body be synchronized and we will definitely rise again.

We wish you a most productive week indoors as we stick to instructions now than ever before.

Happy New week!