Queen’s Park Estate, Kuje is situated in Abuja. An exquisite and Ultra modern estate with a very bright prospect in terms of investment and development, very close to Abuja @ 30.

Kuje town is the headquarters of a Local Government Area in the FCT and its about 40km south west of Abuja. It shares it’s neighborhood with the Centenary City in Abuja. Kuje is seeing a rapid expansion in house building because of its proximity to Abuja, and the remocal of informal settlements along the airport road, with a network of a well tarred roads.

Kuje is also the closest town to The Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja. Several prominent estates have been situated along this axis with the prominence of good weather condition, comfortable way of life, proximity to industrial and commercial world, and several other opportunities. Queen’s Park Estate Kuje is situated behind the Centenary City in Abuja. Surrounded by Other housing projects.
Title: Global CofO
Tarred Roads
Street Lights
Drainage Systems
Perimeter Fencing
Central Sewage Systems
600sqm OURIGHT:  ₦1,500,000 INSTALMENT:  ₦1,700,000 (12 Months Duration 100k/Month) INITIAL DEPOSIT: ₦150,000 300sqm OUTRIGHT: ₦ 750,000 INSTALMENT: 850,000 (12 Months Duration | 50k/month) INITIAL DEPOSIT: 100,000
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